Spend your summer holidays at Rim Rømø

Activities during summer holidays at Rim Rømø

Whether you prefer to go to the beach and go for a ride with the blocarts or you choose to explore some of the Rømø acctractions, there are certainly many good chances for spending a fantastic summer holiday at Rim Rømø.

Below are stated just a handful of exciting activities you may engage on during your stay at Rim Rømø:

  • Ride Blocarts or Kitebuggy on Rømø breaches
  • Make your own candle with Rømø Lys at Lakolk
  • Go for a swim in the swimming pool at Rim Rømø
  • Bring your personal electronic gadgets and enjoy Wi-Fi at Rim Rømø
  • Enjoy some of the home-made products made by the Rømø butcher
  • Pay an amusing visit to Rømø Play & Maze Park
  • Have a treat and a lot of fun in Rømø Play & Horse Park


Apart from these activities there is a variety of options on offer here since there are many cultural events to experience not too far away. More information is available in the website of Rømø Turistkontor.

The hearstarter is placed in the weather porch. (Beyond normal opening hours you can activate the doors with the red button behind the glass).

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