Facilities at Rim Rømø

TV channel overview + Wifi internet connection at Rim Rømø

The following TV channels are available in all accomodations in the holiday centre


The wireless Internet may be used free of charge, as long as the technical equipment runs smoothly - please remember to bring your own PC.

TV-channels and internet is delivered through a 30/30 Mbit/s fiber installation.

Swimming pools in the center.

Swimming pools can be used free of charge during your stay at Rim Rømø.

Please notice that any stay is at your own risk, since there is no lifeguard present in any of the swimming facilities.

Playgrounds for all sizes.

Playgrounds and playrooms can be used free of charge during your stay at Rim Rømø.
We have playgrounds where children of a young age can play, and others where adult children can play.

Besides the playgrounds there are areas which are great for letting your children play freely in the sand dunes or the high grass.

Play tennis or minigolf

If the family wants an extra challenge you can play a round of tennis or minigolf at a separate fee.

Tennis - 1 hour: dkk  100,-
incl. racket and balls

Minigolf - Pr. person: dkk  25,-
1 club, 1 ball, 1 point block

Ping-Pong balls pr. ball dkk  5,-

Tennis ball dkk  20,-

Exert fitness.

In case you feel a yearn for the daily exercise or just want to start moving, you have the option to access our fitness area by means of the swimming pool key.

The hearstarter is placed in the weather porch. (Beyond normal opening hours you can activate the doors with the red button behind the glass).

Feriecenter Rim Rømø - Vestergade 239 - 6792 Rømø - Telefon: 7475 5758 -Husejer fora - Personal data policy