A national park – The Wadden Sea

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The Wadden Sea is said to be the huge pantry of Europe for 10-12 million migratory birds which every spring and every autumn take a rest in this region to feed themselves. There is plenty of food, because within every square metre of wadden sea bed houses 100,000 shrimps, clams and snails.

You will also have the opportunity to observe the spotted as well as the grey seals on the wide banks of the Wadden Sea as the area also serves as a breeding area for many species of fish.

Through thousands of years man has based the very existence on this natural paradise, however, not without having to pay a high price when the storms were demanding their toll. You have to survive here well protected behind dikes or high up on steep hills, because the area is as flat as a pancake.

Learn more about the Wadden Sea at the website National park – The Wadden Sea.

Experience the “black sun” phenomenon near the Wadden Sea.

“Black sun” is a phenomenon of the nature which occurs in the spring and autumn every year when the great formations of starlings gather here. The starlings set the direction for this area from all the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea and Norway. Just before the birds are ready to settle on the ground for the night, they create huge and spectacular formations in the sky.

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