Go for a trip with the Rømø ferry to the island Sylt and experience the German island with health resorts

Sylt is a unique part of Germany, since it is part of the Frisian Islands. It has its own dialect, Söl'ring, which is the indigenous speech of Sylt. Söl'ring is a unique dialect of insular North Frisian, with elements of Danish, Dutch and English.However, due to mass turism, immigration of southern Germans and the emigration of native Sylt families, today only a small fraction of the population still speaks Söl'ring. A law to promote the language („Friesisch-Gesetz“) was passed in 2004. The northernmost part of the island, Listland, was traditionally Danish-speaking. Sylt has a Danish school and a Danish church.

As in many areas in Schleswig-Holstein on New Year's Eve, groups of children go masked from house to house, reciting poems. This is known as "Rummelpottlaufen", and as a reward, children receive sweets and/or money. Among other traditions can be mentioned a bonfire (“biikebrænding”) in February and riding at the ring in the summer.


You can combine the trip to Sylt with a visit to the cross-border shops.

Since Sylt has no permanent bridge connection, you cannot drive by car from the island to the continent. Apart from the ferry line to/from Rømø you have the option to use the causeway from Westerland to Niebüll, and from Niebüll in Germany there are only a few miles to the cross-border shops and return to Rømø this way.

The hearstarter is placed in the weather porch. (Beyond normal opening hours you can activate the doors with the red button behind the glass).

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