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Mandø is a marsh island surrounded by snadvader. The distance from Vester Vedsted at the mainland to Mandø town is 11 km, and approx. 6 km is through the Wadden Sea. One option is to take one of the tractor buses from Vester Vedsted.

The other option to get to Mandø is by Låningsvejen, which is a low gravel road built in the Wadden Sea. It is usually flooded twice a day by the tide. Mandø store can inform you about tide times.

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About Mandø

Mandø is probably one of Denmark's most peaceful islands and has therefore not many similarities with the other holiday islands along the Wadden Sea. That Mandø has been allowed to remain almost untouched by tourism is due to the tides, because at high tide the island is without traffic connection to the surrounding world.

Mandø is the only island in the Danish Wadden Sea protected by a sea dike almost all the way around the 8 km2 island. A single row of dunes on the island's highest point gives residents of Mandø town protection against the sea from the west.

Mandø was first mentioned in 1231 and was then owned by the King. In 1741 the residents bought the island in an auction. Back then the shipping trade was the main occupation for the men, while the women managed the agriculture. In 1890 the island had 262 inhabitants, today there are only around 35 residents.

The hearstarter is placed in the weather porch. (Beyond normal opening hours you can activate the doors with the red button behind the glass).

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