Rømø play- and horsepark

A good laugh is pure medicine!

Rømø Play & Horse Park is a huge play ground for children, and here you find up to 30 different activities and many wonderful animals which are very child-friendly.

There is a funny pedal-powered Ferris wheel, so that Mum and Dad can activate the pedals while the Ferris wheel gives the children a spinning ride.

Moreover, you will experience:

.. a big sand pit with sand and water – ready to construct lots of fantastic sandcastles

.. a funny racing track for mini tractors, for the playful children of 3-7 years

.. a fascinating smithy where the smith can forge delicate knives and shoe the horses..

You can meet the smallest and largest horses in the Play & Horse Park - the tiny Falabella and the large Shire! And you can enjoy a ride on the lake onboard a funny raft ferry.

You also have the option to drive the pony or donkey carriage as a driver to take a nice and quiet tour round the Park.

Here you can learn more about the vikings’ horses – the Icelandic horse – and see the 5 different gaits they master.

It is an absolute must to experience the mysterious pirate ship and to unfold on the bouncing pillows or dive into the gloomy and dark fireman’s basement. Or you may be tempted to try the traffic school or the aerial ropeway, the Luna Loop – the head-upside-down-carousel - or the skydive.

Please bear in mind that you move around in Rømø Play & Horse Park at your own risk!


For further information visit Rømø Play & Horse Park website

Find your way from Rim Rømø Holiday Center to Rømø Play & Horse Park.

The hearstarter is placed in the weather porch. (Beyond normal opening hours you can activate the doors with the red button behind the glass).

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