Experience Rømø beach

It’s great fun to play on the windy beaches of Rømø

The wide and white beaches of Rømø are ideal to satisfy all wishes. In case you appreciate an adrenaline kick and if you moreover are a speed fan, you will absolute love to drive blocarts or a Kite-Buggy.

On the blocart the sail is fastened to the3-wheel vehicle whereas the Kite-Buggy is driven by a huge kite or parachute which you control from the vehicle.

Kite-flying is another wind sport, however, and a more stationary sport in case there is enough wind to support the kites. At Rømø all days are usually windy enough, so the conditions for painting the sky in all colours are perfect.

In the various shops at Lakolk you can buy yourself a kite in case you do not bring one with you.

Take a ride in your car on the beach.

The beaches from Lakolk down to Sønderstrand satisfy all wishes; they are great for children, have a stone-free sandy sea bed, dunes and plenty of room for activities. It is of great importance, however, to mind the general speed limit of 30 km/hour and show respect to bathers, pedestrians and bikers.

Remember to take other bathers, kite-surfers and kite flyers into account.

The hearstarter is placed in the weather porch. (Beyond normal opening hours you can activate the doors with the red button behind the glass).

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